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An illustrated guide to every Game Of Thrones death so far

Two graphic designers at The Washington Post have put together a guide to every last Game Of Thrones corpse, documenting all 456 deaths (including direwolves) that have been portrayed in the TV series’ first four seasons. The sharply designed feature, complete with evocative illustrations of the deceased characters, is a nice way to browse Thrones’ record of murderous terror. Every formerly living thing makes the list, even a handful of leeches that Stannis Baratheon tossed into a fire, although the layout smartly allows readers to focus on the deaths of more significant characters. And if just one Game Of Thrones site with minimal illustrations isn’t enough for you, check out Where Have All The Wildlings Gone?, a similar effort by designer Nigel Evan Dennis that takes a more free-ranging look at the series’ sprawling cast.


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