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Come along with us, friends! Nearly eight months after its stunning finale, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release Adventure Time: The Complete Series on DVD Tuesday, April 30, so fans can traverse the perplexing land of Ooo with Finn and Jake whenever they wish. In addition to all 238 episodes (which rightfully includes the Minecraft special, “Diamonds and Lemons”), the 22-disc set will also include a 13-minute featurette exploring the music of the series, music videos, and a “Farewell Tour” from the cast and creators behind all the whimsy. In an exclusive clip from said tour, Jeremy Shada (“Finn”) and Adventure Time’s storyboard supervisor Ian Jones Quarterly share some of their favorite characters. Minor spoiler alert: Somehow neither of them mention Tree Trunks, which feels like an oversight. Have they not seen “Apple Wedding?”

Speaking of music: All of the songs from the series are getting the famed Mondo treatment with a multi-format physical box set titled Adventure Time: The Complete Series Soundtrack. It’ll take four vinyls, a CD, and cassette to contain every pluck of the ukulele and each expository lyric that has spanned across 10 vibrant, emotionally complex seasons. Fans can pre order the box set on May 1 - the same day that the digital version is available, if waiting is too tall of an order.


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