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Regardless of your thoughts on the lighting issues or tactical strategies on display in Sunday night’s Game Of Thrones, we can all agree that shit was intense. An episode of television that action-packed deserves an equally thrilling recap and Jonathan Van Ness is here to deliver, this time with a little help from Gabrielle Union. Predictably, but appropriately, titled “The Dong Night,” this new episode of Gay Of Thrones is a series highlight.

Van Ness is his same energetic, hilarious self, peppering in his signature Game Of Thrones jargon as he describes the assault of the White Twerkers and Little Kill Bill’s adventures through the Jurassic Park kitchen (we promise it make more sense if you just watch the video). The real highlight, however, is how game Gabrielle Union is throughout. She’s throwing out Bring It On references, reenactments of scenes from The Color Purple, and is even able to keep up with Van Ness’ deep-cut references to “Martina Hingis’ storied tennis career.”


While this video is undeniably a lot of fun, we would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to honor the in memoriam section. We lost a lot of great characters this episode and they will be sorely missed—rest in peace Sir Carlysle, Phil Collins, Brazilian Crow Out, and, of course, Greasy Jennifer.

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