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An end to the writers' strike?

Variety reports that a deal between the WGA and the studios could be in place as early as this week, ending a three-month strike that has forced TV addicts like us to venture into some pretty dark, reality-based places for entertainment. The hope comes after a breakthrough negotiating "sesh"—sorry, but that wacky Variety speak is catchy and fun!—on Friday, which found both sides making good headway on the key issue of Internet streaming.

According to Variety a deal would come not a moment too soon: "Top TV execs have viewed Feb. 15 as the drop-dead date for salvaging any of the remaining TV season and for pilot season. In film, early March has been seen as the cutoff date for avoiding major disruptions to 2009 release skeds; an end to the strike would permit script tweaking on a number of pics involving pay-or-play deals for top stars that will come due regardless of whether the strike continues."


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