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An artist is drawing one new Star Wars comic per day in 2015

New Year’s resolutions can be a tricky thing. For some, it can mean going through life-altering behavioral changes in order to improve oneself. For others, it can manifest as painfully recreating scenes from a beloved film every day. Cartoonist Gerard Folz has opted for that second path in his daily project for 2015. The illustrator has launched an endeavor (occasionally referred to as “#darthdays”) t0 draw a scene from the original Star Wars movie as a single panel comic every single day this year. His work is very reminiscent of the Marvel Star Wars comics that were published concurrently with the films (sans the giant space bunny), with softer lines around the character and a more subdued color palette that’s evocative of works by such artists as Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, and Natalie Nourigat. While the project is only a few days old, there’s already some terrific art on display:


Follow Folz on Twitter to receive the latest updates in his 365 day challenge, and to endlessly mock and hound him should he miss a day of providing free content to the Internet.


[via MTV News]

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