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An appreciation of Chelsea Clinton, Twitter-based shit-starter

You and us both, sister. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

While both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been relatively soft-spoken regarding Donald Trump’s recent political foibles, their daughter, Chelsea, seems to have turned a corner on the whole thing and is just going off. Over the past week or so, Clinton has turned her Twitter account into a non-stop barrage of fuck yous directed at Trump, his team, and his policies. She’s become a one-woman rebuttal machine, retweeting comments she agrees with and adding her takes, from notes like “Horrifying. We are better than this” in regard to a report about “children who will die of treatable illnesses while they wait for the refugee suspension to end,” to a befuddled “This is… this is…” posted while she watched Trump’s Frederick Douglass boosting Black History Month forum.


As of this post, Clinton has tweeted nine times today alone, about everything from the history of hand washing to a CNN clip about “white terrorism.” She’s even recently taken on Kellyanne Conway’s “Bowling Green Massacre,” asking the mouthpiece to please not “make up attacks.” (Conway responded with a slam on Hillary Clinton, reminding Chelsea that her mother lost the election, not that anyone could forget.)


There is some speculation that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed to run for congress, though she hasn’t given any indication to that effect on Twitter yet. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy all her well-placed, well-informed smackdowns, at least some of which we hope are covertly coming from her poor mother.

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