Team Coco

At some point, comedian and actor Aziz Ansari became the face of millennial dating. In 2015 alone, he performed a very successful stand-up special on Netflix about the perils of dating (both online and in the “real world”), he wrote a book that took a deeper dive into romance—or lack thereof—in this modern and technology-obsessed age, and he produced and starred in a television series (also on Netflix) about many things, but love—finding it, nurturing it, and ultimately losing it anyway—was a definite theme.

All of that was a long time coming.

This week, animator Dilara Mundy animated a segment from a 2012 appearance Aziz made on Conan where he talked—yelled—to host Conan O’Brien about, you guessed it, dating.

In the segment, both Aziz and Conan express frustration about how people — young people—approach dating. Conan fumbles over technology-speak because he is old (“Give me a break, I’m 77 years old!”) and Aziz jumps in to clarify and commiserate.


The original segment can be seen here, though, fair warning, you lose a gone-completely-gray Conan bonking Aziz on the head with a cane.