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An American version of Black Mirror is in the works

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Now that it’s available on Netflix, Black Mirror has seeped like a sentient black goo into the American pop consciousness. And as often happens when a British series becomes popular in the U.S., someone is looking to remake it without all those crazy accents and references to Labour. That someone is Endemol Shine North America, the U.S. wing of the company that produced Black Mirror in the U.K. Series creator Charlie Brooker and producer Annabel Jones “have really touched on something [with Black Mirror] and I agree – we need more,” new Endemol co-CEO Charlie Corwin tells Variety.


Few details about the U.S. version of Black Mirror are available at this point, but Brooker has said in the past that he intends to serve as showrunner on any foreign adaptations of the series. (Variety also notes that Robert Downey Jr.’s production company Team Downey optioned the rights to the episode “The Entire History Of You” in 2013.) So whether the U.S. Black Mirror will feature an Obama analog being forced to have sex with a pig on live TV or will consist of entirely original stories is still unknown. But considering Brooker’s vocal admiration for American TV series like The Wire and Breaking Bad—and The Twilight Zone, which he cites as an inspiration for Black Mirror—we assume his opinions on the move are merely sardonic, rather than bitterly caustic.

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