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An all-Cheetos restaurant is opening in New York

Eat your heart out, Burger King (Photo: Cheetos)

Not to be outdone by Burger King’s amateurish Cheeto experiments, the big kahuna himself, one Chester Cheetah, has proclaimed that a new pop-up restaurant featuring Cheeto-infused gourmet fare will be opening in New York for three days next week. Called The Spotted Cheetah—a nod to one of New York’s most famous gastropubs, The Spotted Pig—its menu is being attributed to Food Network mainstay Anne Burrell, who Chester has declared “the most dangerously cheesy celebrity chef,” a title that is sure to be a massive blow to Guy Fieri’s self esteem.

Cheetos Meatballs (Photo: Cheetos)

The menu, which you can find in its entirety here, is about what you’d expect: different flavor Cheetos crunched up and used to crust fried pickles and fried green tomatoes and plopped on top of baked macaroni and cheese, inside meatballs, and under nacho fixings. There are a few curveballs thrown in, particularly when it comes to the desserts where Sweetos have been turned into a cheesecake crust, sweet and salty cookies, and a crumbled topping for cheesy apple crepes.

White Cheddar Cheetos and Cheetos Sweetos Apple Crepes (Photo: Cheetos)

The Spotted Cheetah is currently only scheduled to be open from August 15 to 17, and you must have a reservation to dine. Unfortunately, it seems the Cheeto bistro is already booked up for its brief life, but if you want to try your luck at getting in on this dangerously cheesy food, a wait list is available. Or you could go buy a few bags of Cheetos, smash ’em up with your hands, and use them to bread your own chicken cutlets.

[via Grub Street]


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