As reported by Screen Daily, an unreleased David O. Russell film called Nailed has been picked up by UK distributor Arrow Films for distribution in the UK. Russell last touched it in 2008, but producer Kia Jam has since finished editing the film—which has now been renamed Politics Of Love. As noted by Indiewire’s The Playlist, the film has a pretty respectable cast and interesting premise for a movie that’s been sitting on a shelf for years. It stars Jessica Biel as a woman who gets shot in the head with a nail, so she goes to Washington D.C. to “fight for the rights of the bizarrely injured.” There, she meets “a slimy congressman” played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan, and James Marsden also show up in some capacity.

Russell walked away from the film before it was completed due to mounting financial issues, and he’s apparently not involved in this version of Nailed/Politics Of Love at all. Because of that, Indiewire isn’t very confident that it will see any sort of release in the United States. It’s an interesting turn of events for a movie that would otherwise be completely forgotten, especially given the recent success Russell has had with Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. Maybe things would’ve turned out differently if Jennifer Lawrence had been around in 2008?