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Amy Winehouse's record sales soar, and a posthumous album may be on the way

If anything good can be said to be coming out of Amy Winehouse’s death at age 27—and considering her young age, it’s a cold comfort—it’s that people seem to be re-discovering her music. Sales of her 2007 breakthrough Back To Black soared over the weekend, hitting the top of the U.S. and U.K. iTunes charts. In Britain, the album re-entered the albums chart, rising to No. 59 within hours of her death.

Winehouse’s resurgent commercial fortunes could pave the way for the release of her long-in-the-works (and still unfinished) third record. While the songs reportedly never progressed beyond the demo stage, it’s been suggested that there’s enough material for a new record. "She constantly wrote music, that's what she did. There are lots of demos knocking around and all sorts," a spokesman told Reuters. Winehouse’s parents will have final say over whether the recordings are released.


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