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Amy Winehouse's coroner resigned in November; case may be reopened

Though the Amy Winehouse case was thought to be laid to rest last fall, new revelations suggest the investigation into Winehouse’s death may be reopened. The Associated Press reports that the coroner presiding over the inquest into Winehouse's death resigned in November when her qualifications as a coroner were called into question, just after ruling in October that the singer had died of alcohol poisoning.

It turns out Assistant Deputy Coroner Suzanne Greenaway, who oversaw the investigation into the singer’s death in July, was never qualified to conduct the inquest in the first place. Though Greenaway had served as a barrister and a solicitor in Australia before being appointed by her husband, London Coroner Andrew Reid, investigations revealed that Greenaway had never served as a registered lawyer in the United Kingdom.


Reid told the press he “believed at the time” that her experience fulfilled the requirements for her appointment as assistant deputy coroner. “In November of last year it became apparent that I had made an error in the appointment process," Reid said, "and I accepted her resignation."

Greenaway oversaw 12 inquests in Camden, the London borough where Winehouse lived. Reid offered the families of the other 12 deceased the opportunity to reopen their cases if they so desire. Winehouse’s family will reportedly seek legal advice and “decide whether further discussion with the authorities is needed.” [via Spin]

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