Another day, another news story on Amy Winehouse's downward spiral, another chance for you all to rip her a new one (if there's even anything left intact): British media outlets are reporting that Winehouse has been tossed in the clink as part of an "investigation into perverting the court of justice"—which is sort of like the UK version of being held in contempt, except it adds the word "pervert" in there. Cheeky Brits! Winehouse, as even fetuses and that rare species of possum discovered earlier this week are aware, has had an unending string of setbacks lately, canceling all of her appearances for the rest of the year and recently turning up outside of her London home barefoot, wearing only a bra and jeans and "looking distressed." (And yet again, the AP feels compelled to point out that she is an "admitted marijuana smoker," as if that explains everything.) Incidentally, Winehouse's husband Blake Fielder-Civil got the exact same "pervert" charge last month after allegedly trying to interfere with a witness' testimony in the assault charges filed against him, something Winehouse apparently missed. For the latest Winehouse tragedy, tune in tomorrow (and every day until she's dead). Sigh. "You Know I'm No Good" was a pretty good song, right?