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Amy Sedaris to play a tan, crazy-eyed publicist in new web series

Amy Sedaris will star as a crazy-eyed publicist in PopSugar’s new web series, Seriously Distracted. Sedaris will play JD LeGrand, head of a New York publicity firm that’s always “one celebrity client away from making it big,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. It also describes the staff of LeGrand PR as “constantly distracted” by their various pop culture obsessions, which include everything from Tinder to SoulCycle. It’s unclear what sort of brands or clients LeGrand PR will be “repping,” though if PopSugar is smart and/or into money, it could turn Seriously Distracted into one long series of tongue-in-cheek sponsored videos.

The series is the blog’s first foray into original programming—it was initially announced in May, although it wasn’t really worth watching until Sedaris came on board. Seriously Distracted premieres Oct. 21 on Above Average, PopSugar, and on PopSugar’s YouTube channel.


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