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Amy Sedaris to disrupt the Lion King canon by voicing totally new character

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Disney released the first trailer for Jon Favreau’s Lion King remake on Thanksgiving, and though it was the perfect crowd-pleasing preview to release on Turkey Day, some bad lions out there have pointed out that nothing about it (beyond the visuals) seems to be particularly different from the original. Basically, some detractors out there who didn’t feel chills when “Circle Of Life” kicked in are wondering what the point of remaking Lion King is if Favreau is just going to do a perfect recreation of the original. Well, it turns out now that he’s definitely not making a perfect recreation of the original, because Disney has decided to fuck up the airtight Lion King canon by introducing a totally new character.


As reported by Variety, the new character is an elephant shrew that will be voiced by famous funny person (and accomplished animal voice actor) Amy Sedaris. We don’t know anything about the character, or how she’ll fit into the Lion King saga, but the original movie was only about 90 minutes long. The new one will probably be at least a couple minutes longer, so maybe Sedaris’ elephant shrew will just be there to pad things out by explaining some of the plot holes in the original movie (like, why doesn’t Mufasa get up after he falls into that herd of wildebeests? Why did he sleep through the whole rest of the movie?).

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