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Amy Sedaris revived Jerri Blank for a brief scene with Don Draper

The Jerri Blank-shaped hole that has been gaping in everyone’s hearts for more than a decade was filled last night, if only for a minute. Jon Hamm and Amy Sedaris were guests on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, where they participated in silly antics and were generally awesome together. The highlight was their reenactment of the famous Don/Peggy argument from the Mad Men season four classic “The Suitcase.” (For those too lazy to search: “That’s what the money is for!”) Hamm snapped right into Draper mode, while Sedaris reprised her Jerri Blank persona, begging Matthew Weiner to create a role for the Strangers With Candy star. Unfortunately the video cannot be embedded, but here is a link to it.

The clip below is another highlight of the episode.  Sedaris tries to “pitch” various products to a blindfolded Hamm who has to guess what they are, but everything just sounds like a dildo.


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