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Funny person Amy Schumer is in talks for a role that sounds decidedly unfunny, with Deadline reporting that she might star in Katherine Fugate’s Christy Martin—a movie about the groundbreaking boxer of the same name. Deadline describes the movie as a “gritty drama” about “a woman who never gives up and who keeps going despite every odd against her,” which doesn’t sound too far outside of Schumer’s wheelhouse, but the specific details of Martin’s life ramp up the drama considerably.

Martin grew up in West Virginia, fighting (literally) for women to have more opportunities as boxers in the ‘90s. A trainer named Jim Martin had her ribs broken while she was training to try and scare her off, but she kept pushing herself to get better, signed with iconic boxing promoter Don King, won match after match, and then married Jim Martin for some reason. He was abusive, and when Christy Martin fell in love with a woman and decided to leave Jim Martin, he stabbed and shot her.


Now going by her maiden name, Christy Salter, she eventually faced down her ex-husband in court and got him put in prison. (That will probably be a dramatic scene in the film, and we’re sorry to have spoiled it.)

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