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Amy Schumer to star in mysterious new comedy I Feel Pretty


Amy Schumer’s no longer set to play a Barbie girl in a live-action Barbie movie world, but her next film still sounds like it will center on appearances. Variety reports the Inside Amy Schumer creator and star has signed on to a mysterious new comedy titled I Feel Pretty. The film is being co-written and co-directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, the frequent collaborators behind the screenplays/stories of such films as He’s Just Not That Into You, Valentine’s Day, The Vow, and How To Be Single. Given their history, there will presumably be a significant romantic element to I Feel Pretty’s comedy, though Variety would only say that the film’s plot is “being kept under wraps.”

But unnamed sources close to the project tell The A.V. Club the movie is about “an insecure young woman who suffers a head injury during a spin class and wakes up thinking she’s beautiful.” So it’s kind of like Shallow Hal, only without the hypnosis or inner beauty? Maybe Tony Robbins will show up in the SoulCycle class. In any case, it was the object of a “heated bidding war,” Variety says, from which Wonderland Sound & Vision and Voltage Pictures emerged victorious. Schumer is co-producing the film with her own frequent collaborator, Kevin Kane, as well as McG and other Wonderland and Voltage players.


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