Amy Schumer is one of those overnight success stories that actually isn’t overnight at all. She was eight years into stand-up when she appeared on Last Comic Standing in 2011, and had more than a decade of comedy experience before the Comedy Illuminati—home of the most awkward orgies this side of Mormon Heaven—anointed her as last summer’s “It Girl.” And her movie career is continuing apace, as Variety reports that Schumer’s set to star in an upcoming comedy called Who Invited Her?.

The logline for the film sounds like it was pitched as “Bridesmaids meets My Best Friend’s Wedding”: Schumer will play a woman who insists on attending her male best friend’s bachelor party weekend, with all the attendant debauchery and skewering of gender stereotypes that setup implies. Schumer, who was nominated for a Writer’s Guild award for her Trainwreck screenplay, won’t be writing the film, but one of her Inside Amy Schumer writers, Tami Sagher, is doing a polish on the script. Reese Witherspoon is producing, presumably to ensure that the raunch-to-heart ratio remains appropriately balanced.