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Amy Schumer rejects photo with fan, is told “it’s America and we paid for you”

People can be really rude to Amy Schumer. That’s the impression given off by a post on Schumer’s Instagram this weekend in which she asserted that a South Carolina resident—later identified as Leslie Brewer—took a photo of her on the street, even after she said no. In the text that accompanied the image, Schumer said she asked Brewer to stop, but was told by him, “No, It’s America and we paid for you.”


Schumer—who has historically been up for most everything, including popping in on engagement photos while she’s out for a jog—adds that she won’t take photos with fans anymore, thanks to Brewer. Brewer also posted a video of the incident to his own Instagram and told South Carolina’s WISH TV that there were other people around when this incident happened, including people taking photos and yelling at Schumer from their cars.

According to Brewer’s interview with WISH, Schumer asked Brewer to take down the video, saying he was being “disrespectful,” before turning to his wife and daughter and asking, “Is this the type of example you want to set for them?” That comment angered Brewer, who in turn said he wouldn’t take the video down. According to Brewer, Schumer then left, only to come back and take a photo of him, saying she’d post it to her social media in an attempt to shame him. Hence, the smiling, “fuck you” photo on Brewer’s part.

Brewer now says he’s being bullied by Schumer’s fans, and claims he only did “what every other fan would have done if they would have seen one of their celebrities.”


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