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It's been a good week for Amy Schumer. First, and most importantly, The A.V. Club named her album Mostly Sex Stuff one of the top five comedy albums of the year. She also announced a nationwide, Comedy Central-sponsored stand-up tour, Inside Amy Schumer's Back Door Tour, which begins on January 24 in New York. Dates and ticket information for that can be found at Schumer's website.

But perhaps most exciting for Schumer, Judd Apatow has officially signed on to direct Train Wreck, the Schumer-penned comedy the duo has been talking about for a few months now. Apatow was originally only slated to produce and provide general encouragement, but he's now upping his involvement, making Train Wreck the typically bro-centric Apatow's first genuine movie centered on a female lead. (Though he has granted his producer's imprimatur to Bridesmaids and Girls). Either that, or the part of Schumer will be played by Jonah Hill.


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