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Amy Schumer insists that she would totally enjoy hanging with Lorelai Gilmore

(Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

The first footage from Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life features a discussion about whether comedian Amy Schumer would like Lorelai (Lauren Graham). Rory concludes she wouldn’t because Schumer seems to do a lot of water sports, and Lorelai concurs. But it looks like the Gilmore girls might be wrong in their assessment of Schumer’s feelings. The Inside Amy Schumer creator took it upon herself to clarify that Rory’s misrepresenting her athletic passion.


We’re suspect, but fair enough. But when Schumer saw Vulture’s post on the teaser, she also found herself refuting suggestions that she would feel anything but adoration for Lorelai.

We are fully aware that Amy Schumer is a real life human and Lorelai Gilmore is a fictional character, but we do truly believe these smart, ballsy ladies would be a good match, water sports aside. Now, Schumer has confirmed that. Let the fan fiction commence.

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