Inside Amy Schumer

Five months in, 2015 has unofficially become The Year Of Amy Schumer. The comedian’s public profile has been on a steady rise for months, as she hosted the MTV Movie Awards and got tapped for her own HBO stand-up special. Meanwhile, her Comedy Central series has been rightly showered with critical praise and awards, and the Judd Apatow-directed Trainwreck, which Schumer wrote and stars in, opens on July 17. Now, Fox has announced that the writer and actress is going to keep her hot streak alive by teaming up for a new movie with Paul Feig, with the Bridesmaids directer serving as a producer on a planned action-comedy about a mother and daughter trapped “in a vacation gone wrong.”

That’s a pretty ambiguous phrase, given that it covers possibilities ranging from mild food poisoning all the way up to toilet-deprived cruise ships and rioting in the streets. But, given that Schumer is writing the movie with her sister (from a script originally by Katie Dippold), it seems certain that whatever threats present themselves, they’ll be mastered with pluck, panache, and repeated references to vaginas.


Meanwhile, Feig continues to cement his reputation as the “Funny Woman Whisperer,” the only man in Hollywood capable of taming those exotic, mythical beasts. “How does he do it?!” other executives murmur to each other, watching in fear and hidden envy as Feig continues to work with funny people whose output he enjoys. “So brave,” they whisper, tears in their eyes, as Feig heads to the set of the upcoming Spy, seemingly unconcerned that Melissa McCarthy, a human female person who is really good at telling jokes, is waiting for him inside. “So brave.”