Mikael Hafstromā€™s upcoming The Tomb continues to round out the cast that will revolve around its central pairing of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, dismaying those who were hoping that the film might take a My Dinner With Andre turn. But because it is an action movie in which Stalloneā€™s brilliant security expert must escape from a prison of his own design with the help of Schwarzeneggerā€™s heart-of-gold-and-beef convictā€”and not a freewheeling philosophical dialogueā€”Hafstrom has also added other people with whom they may occasionally also interact in between smoldering gazes.

According to Variety, that cast now includes: Jim Cavaziel as the prison's evil warden, Vincent Dā€™Onofrio as the bureaucrat who convinces Stallone to take that proverbial last job before retirement, Vinnie Jones as a ruthless prison guard, Amy Ryan as Stalloneā€™s business partner and potential love interest, and 50 Cent in an as-yet-unspecified role, which Ā we will go ahead and speculate is Stalloneā€™s young daughter from a previous marriage. As Schwarzenegger might elaborate, ā€œThis is real comedy, as people will look at the sentence saying that 50 Cent is playing Stalloneā€™s daughter and say, ā€˜How is this possible? He is a large black rapper man, and now he is playing a young girl. Physically it is strange!ā€™ And then, somehow, we would explain it, or maybe just end the article.ā€