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Amy Poehler to play Adam Scott's stepmother in A.C.O.D.

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Sure, it’s a fictional relationship, but anyone who’s been invested in the romance between Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt on Parks And Recreation is sure to find this news item a tad on the Oedipal-ick side: Amy Poehler is closing a deal to co-star with Adam Scott in the film A.C.O.D. as Scott’s stepmom. According to Deadline, A.C.O.D.—shorthand for “Adult Children of Divorce”—will star Scott as a participant in a study about the children of divorced parents, with Poehler joining as the new grudge-bearing wife of his dad, played by Richard Jenkins. Scott’s Party Down alum Jane Lynch is also set to join the cast, as is Jessica Alba for some reason. Scott and Poehler are a fantastic team on the small screen, so no doubt they’ll bring their A-game to the cinema as well. But if it’s a hit, future Poehler-Scott lip-locks in Pawnee might be a little wince-inducing.

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