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Illustration for article titled Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, and a bunch of other awesome comedy people reenacted iSixteen Candles/i and emPretty In Pink /emin 2004

The most interesting piece of information to come from  Tina Fey and Paul Rudd’s recent press tour for Admission has been that Fey and Rudd met for the first time on the set of a live reenactment of Sixteen Candles. The reenactment was part of an unaired 2004 special for VH1 called Soundtracks Live, based on the UCB Theatre show of the same name created by Amy Poehler and Amy Miles that featured movie reenactments with live music.


No video of Soundtracks Live is up on the Internet yet, but this Flickr stream has 160 photos of the magical night, as well as another collection of photos from a live UCB performance of Pretty In Pink. The casts of the two shows are so full of comedy heavy-hitters (Poehler, Fey, and Rudd are rounded out by Fred Armisen, Will Arnett, Jon Glaser, Carrie Brownstein, and Jack McBrayer), it’s entirely possible the whole thing is some sort of comedy-lover’s fever dream.

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