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Amy Poehler sells new “baby gangster” sitcom to NBC

Parks And Recreation

Amy Poehler’s been good for NBC. Her stint on Saturday Night Live coincided with one of the show’s regular periods of resurgence, and her Parks And Recreation evolved from a low-performing Office imitator into one of the network’s flagship hits. Now, the Peacock People have secured a new deal with the actor, writer, and producer, ensuring that NBC stays in the Amy Poehler business for at least the next few years.

To celebrate the deal, NBC has agreed to give birth to The Baby, a new show from Poehler’s Paper Kite Productions. Starring Seann William Scott (from American Pie, The Rundown, and the frankly hallucinatory Southland Tales, which also co-starred Poehler), the show will focus on a tough-guy gangster who’s constantly pushed around by his female-dominated family. Written by WorkaholicsCraig DiGregorio and produced by Poehler, Scott, Brooke Posch, Dave Becky and Nick Frenkel, it’s one of several pitches Poehler has sold to NBC since Parks went off the air.


Poehler last appeared on movie screens in last year’s Tina Fey team-up Sisters; she also regularly appears as a host on The UCB Show, on NBC Universal’s comedy streaming service SeeSo.

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