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Amy Poehler says Parks and Rec reunion will happen when Michael Schur is "good and ready"

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Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman haven’t been shy about their openness to a Parks and Rec reunion, with the pair having recently spoken on the topic as early as this past May. Poehler again batted around the possibility at Smart Girls’ 10th anniversary celebration dinner on Monday night.

“I am technically available,” she told Variety. “I have like six of Leslie’s blazers in my closet, so anytime.”


That might sound noncommittal, but her follow-up comments are much more telling. Speaking of creator Michael Schur, Poehler said, “Our king is busy doing his highly successful show, The Good Place. We really can’t jump without Mike. So when Mike is good and ready, I’m sure we’ll show up like good soldiers.”

That might be a little tougher than it sounds, however, what with Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, and Aubrey Plaza’s packed schedules, Rob Lowe’s pursuit of Bigfoot, and Rashida Jones producing her tail off these days. Aziz Ansari, who was hit with controversial allegations of sexual misconduct earlier this year, will also be welcome, as Schur has made it clear he has no qualms about working with the actor again.

All that said, don’t expect it anytime soon. As Poehler said, Schur’s plenty busy with The Good Place, which was just renewed for a fourth season. Also, it sounds like nobody seems to have a clue just what this reunion would entail. When asked what Leslie Knope would be up to, Poehler guessed that perhaps she’s “president of the moon.” Hey, we’d watch that.

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