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Amy Poehler offers an astute assessment of Nick Offerman's Emmy snub

As you may have read today—repeatedly, and with rapidly waning interest—the Emmy nominations were announced this morning, which means every honoree spent the ensuing hours on the phone trying to sound humble. Most of these aren’t really worth reading, as they are almost all some version of the subject being surprised, flattered, and convinced that they don’t really deserve to win (Although, as Vulture observes in this handy compendium, a surprising amount of these interviews contain anecdotes about cleaning up barf and shit, so that's sort of interesting.)

But if you read only one post-nomination interview today, maybe make it HitFix’s talk with Amy Poehler, where the Parks And Recreation star (and Best Actress nominee) celebrates the show’s rightful Outstanding Comedy Series nod, jokes that she’ll campaign for votes by going door to door and doing “a really cool thing where I pour honey over myself,” but more importantly, addresses one of this morning’s most egregious snubs—that of her co-star Nick “Ron Fucking Swanson” Offerman. “It's a hot load of bullshit that he didn't get a nomination,” Poehler says, “and you can quote me on that.” Done and done.


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