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Amy Poehler is producing a pilot about a Dumb Prince for NBC


This summer’s Welcome To Sweden cancellation notwithstanding, NBC wants to be in the Amy Poehler business. The Wrap reports the network has just committed to a pilot production for Dumb Prince, a royal-family comedy from Poehler and The Mindy Project executive producer Charlie Grandy, who’s written the pilot. Grandy and Poehler will executive produce the show with 3 Arts and Poehler’s own Paper Kite Productions.

Deadline has a few more details about the show’s premise: Dumb Prince will follow a “reluctant Crown Prince” who upends the “family business” (which we assume is actually a country) when he attempts to run it his way. The dysfunctional royal family becomes tabloid fodder—well, even more so—and high-class hijinks will ensue. It’s currently not clear what actions result in the prince being labeled as dumb, unless he tries to declare war against Prussia or decrees a return to geocentrism.


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