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In news of adorable yellowish things, Amy Poehler is set to reunite with The Simpsons this season, according to Entertainment Weekly. Poehler will reprise her role as Jenda, Bart’s ex-wife who was glimpsed in that beloved episode devoted to exploring the Simpsons’ lives in the far-off future that isn’t “Lisa’s Wedding.” No, nor is it “Bart To The Future.” Actually, in the interest of saving time, we’ll just tell you that it was “Future-Drama,” the 2005 episode where Bart and Lisa get to see what their senior years of high school will look like, Bart takes Jenda to the prom, and you remember little of any of this, beyond maybe the line, “No one’s gay for Moleman.”


Jenda popped up again briefly in one of the Simpsonsother “future” episodes, “Holidays Of Future Passed,” where it’s established that she and Bart had two kids, then separated. And now she’ll appear again in an episode called “Days Of Future Future,” about Bart trying to get over their divorce “in a bit of a Total Recall-type way.” (So, shooting her in the head?) She’ll also be seen dating a “crab-like alien creature,” thus reminding you’re similarly not yet over Futurama.

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