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Amy Poehler is bringing back the Riot Grrrl spirit with her next directorial gig for Netflix, Moxie

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz (Getty Images)

Amy Poehler continues to attach herself to stories about girls and women doing whatever the fuck they please with her next directing credit, Moxie. The Netflix film will be an adaptation of the novel by Jennifer Mathieu with a script by Tamara Chestna. Poehler’s production company Paper Kite acquired the rights last year.

Moxie tells the story of a small-town 16-year-old girl named Vivian Carter, who is inspired by her mother’s past as part of the underground punk Riot Grrrl movement. In the same fiery spirit, Vivian takes on the systemic sexism at her school and starts a feminist revolution among her classmates via an anonymously distributed zine. It is killing us not to crack a Leslie Knope joke here, but come on, it’s right there.


Poehler will produce the film alongside Veep’s Morgan Sackett and Paper Kite development director Kim Lessing. Sackett and Poehler worked together on the Poehler’s directorial debut Wine Country - premiering on Netflix in May - and Parks And Recreation.

With Moxie, Paper Kite will be continuing its current relationship with Netflix, as it is behind the streaming network’s new hit show Russian Doll. Poehler will also continue to executive produce and co-host NBC’s crafting cage match, Making It.

Production for Moxie will begin sometime in the fall.

[Via Deadline]


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