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Amy Poehler is a ’90s hacker in this bizarre failed pilot

As it did recently with Chris Farley, The Second City released some clips of Amy Poehler in her pre-fame years, back when she was just an improv student with a ’90s wardrobe. The video showcases a never-before-seen pilot about subversive hackers working out of an RV. Written by Tom Gianas and Adam McKay, RVTV stars Poehler, Matt Dwyer, and improv legend Del Close as computer whizzes who spend their days hacking into the NRA supercomputer, masturbating to Janet Reno, and threatening to “digitize” their viewers in order to interrupt Dan Rather.

RVTV was apparently shot for a week in Toronto in 1995 (it shows), and it’s nearly impossible to tell how much of this is intentionally funny (it doesn’t help that the full pilot is cut down to a three-minute Poehler reel). However, it does feature an early glimpse of the freestyle rap skills Poehler would later show off on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast. Plus it’s a good reminder that no matter what kind of weird shit you make early in your career, you can still go on to become a beloved television star. [via Digg]

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