Parks And Recreation

Faster than you can chirpily yell “Ann Perkins!” at a bewildered-looking but lovely nurse, NBC has gotten back into the Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones TV-making business. The network has ordered a pilot each from the former Parks & Recreation stars, with Poehler backing a series about a black sheep returning home, and Jones about a woman who consults a fortune teller for all her major life decisions.

Poehler’s comedy—so far untitled—is being written and run by The Office’s Charlie Grandy, and will center on a guy named Karl, attempting to wrest the “family throne” from his more put-together brother. Jones, meanwhile—who just finished up the first season of TBS’s rampaging joke machine Angie Tribecais producing Good Fortune, about a highly structured woman addicted to the advice of a mysterious fortune teller, in the sort of bad situation that inevitably leads to the late Robert Loggia dancing on a keyboard like a Zoltar-damned fool.


Anyway, Leslie and Ann are back! With two different projects, which are competing for the same precious airtime, and oh God, it’s going to turn out like the time they fought over whether Ann should start working in the city government, and now the tension is so awful, and we think we’re gonna be sick.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]