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Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are down for a Parks And Rec reunion

Most of the Parks And Recreation cast has nothing but good things to say about their time on the NBC sitcom, which is probably why they all seem ready to head back to Indiana for some more good-natured adventures in local (and occasionally federal) government. Nick Offerman just said back in March that he’d “certainly sign on” if series creator Mike Schur and star Amy Poehler came up with a good reason to revive Parks And Rec, saying at the time, “they’re bringing every show back now, maybe they’ll want to bring our show back.”


This week, Offerman and Poehler appeared on Ellen to promote their craft show Making It, and this time Poehler made an official decree as the leader of the Parks team that everybody would be happy to resurrect the show at some point. The two of them mentioned that they’ll only do it if they can get Beyoncé to sign on as the new mayor of Pawnee, but they do seem willing to budge on that point.

Now, let’s all try to forget that the Parks And Recreation series finale featured a bunch of time jumps, spoiling pretty much any storyline the show could tell in the future. Just because we know what will happen doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun to Ron and Leslie and Andy and Mark Brendanawicz again.

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