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Amy Poehler and her brother to invade Sweden with their new NBC sitcom

NBC has acquired U.S. broadcast rights for Welcome To Sweden, a comedy being produced by Amy Poehler and her brother Greg. The show both stars and is based on the life story of the male Poehler, who was living in New York until he fell in love with a Swedish girl and followed her back to her homeland. The show will be shot in Sweden, and should feature a mix of both Swedish and American actors, including Solsidan’s Josephine Bornebusch, Illeana Douglas, and, of all people, Patrick Duffy. Guests like Will Ferrell, Aubrey Plaza, Gene Simmons, and the aforementioned female Poehler will also pop in throughout the season.

Welcome To Sweden is actually the first show ever commissioned by Swedish network TV4 that will air in English. It’s also the first show NBC has been involved with in some capacity that shoots in Sweden.

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