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Amy Heckerling to direct two episodes of Amazon’s Red Oaks

(Image by: Getty Images)

Amy Heckerling is bringing her ’80s sensibilities and ’90s patois to Amazon’s Red Oaks this fall as Deadline reports that the Clueless and Fast Times At Ridgemont High director will helm two episodes of the Steven Soderbergh-produced comedy. Heckerling has done lots of TV work lately, including directing episodes of Gossip Girl, Suburgatory, and The Carrie Diaries. We’ll soon see if she can do for tennis pros what she did for fast food employees.

The pilot, directed by David Gordon Green (Eastbound & Down), had a “quasi-Caddyshack” feel that caught The A.V. Club’s interest last year when it aired as part of Amazon’s pilot season. Craig Roberts (Submarine) stars as David Myers, a NYU student who lands a job as an assistant tennis pro at the titular Red Oaks country club in 1985 New Jersey. David will have one crazy summer (possibly more, if the series does well) while working at the swanky and predominantly Jewish club between semesters. The cast also includes Paul Reiser, Richard Kind, and former onscreen vacationing teen Jennifer Grey.


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