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Near-constant Oscar nominee Amy Adams returns to the big screen next year in The Woman In The Window, a paranoid thriller from director Joe Wright. The dread-choked genre flick is a new look for the man behind period pieces like Atonement and The Darkest Hour, but he’ll be aided by a stacked supporting cast that includes Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Wyatt Russell, who, in a stark contrast to his Lodge 49 doof, looks to be playing a stone-cold monster.

An agoraphobic child psychologist, Adams’ protagonist reluctantly befriends a neighbor played by Moore, but, after witnessing a horrific act of violence, is gaslit by cops, psychologists, and the neighbor’s family regarding the reality of their relationship. It looks sweaty, spooky, and more than a little stressful.


The Woman In The Window hits theaters on May 14.

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