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Amsterdam doesn’t agree with Drake, apparently

(Photo: Ross Gilmore/Getty Images)

Amsterdam doesn’t agree with Drake, apparently, with Pitchfork reporting that the More Life musician has canceled his third show in the Dutch city in the span of a few months. This time, the March 27 set was canceled just an hour or so before it was scheduled to begin, with doors already open and fans in the arena. Apparently, Drake fell ill shortly before his set, and was under doctor’s orders not to perform. Medical necessity or not, fans were not amused:


Rescheduled for tomorrow, this is now the third time this particular show—originally scheduled for January 20, and then January 27—has been moved. (Drake did managed to perform a couple of dates in the city back in January, though, and is scheduled to take the stage again tonight.) If this was 2005, we’d probably be making a lot of jokes here about the Canadian rapper’s inability to handle the city’s famously available pot, but honestly, it’s 2017, and California and Colorado exist, so that’s probably not the problem. In which case, we can only assume that it’s something inherent to the city’s makeup—its status as the Netherlands’ busiest cruise port, maybe, or its tradition of kleinkunst cabarets—that’s repelling his smooth R&B jams.

We can only hope that whatever dark force is keeping Drake out of Amsterdam will eventually subside, allowing him to celebrate next month’s Koningsdag in peace, or maybe take in its rich culture of musical history. Fun fact: It’s where the metronome was invented! (In hindsight, that fact was not as fun as originally believed.)

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