It’s been seven years since the lo-fi, avant-folk project Amps For Christ released a full-length album, but time has never meant much to Henry Barnes. Since his days in the legendarily corrosive hardcore band Man Is The Bastard (and its offshoot, Bastard Noise), Barnes has played music that can’t be bothered to belong anywhere. Not that Canyons Cars And Crows, his latest Amps For Christ album, isn’t accessible. Although as scratchy and layered with analog static as his previous work, Canyons elevates his home-troubadour eccentricity to become a thing of otherworldly wonder and resonance. The track “Sailor’s Searching,” which is being debuted here, opens the disc on an intricate—and dare it be said, traditional—note, a sea shanty for a ship adrift on the tides of time.

Canyons Cars And Crows will be released April 15 via Shrimper.