Ending a long, paranoid era, America’s Most Wanted has been canceled again, with the series that helped nab well over a thousand fugitives in 25 seasons on the air ordered to turn in its TV badge like it was all for nothin’. The show enjoyed a brief reprieve on Lifetime—the network for women who need more reasons not to trust—which picked it up after Fox finally let it go in 2011. But with Lifetime increasingly working toward edgier, handjobbier fare, the quaint pastime of hunting via hotline for rapists and murderers, like an old-fashioned county fair raffle, simply isn’t exciting enough to earn it a renewal. As before, AMW producers are already looking for a new home for the show, while Lifetime is also said to be developing a new pilot called John Walsh Investigates, which will take a slightly different approach to the host dispensing justice in a leather jacket. In the meantime, it’s a fugitive free-for-all! Do whatever you want, 'cause nobody’s manning the phones!