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America's love affair with the locomotive continues as AMC renews Hell On Wheels for another season

In an attempt to remind viewers that it still has original programming other than Mad Men and The Walking Dead (though one of those is on the way out soon), AMC has announced that it will be giving the railroad drama Hell On Wheels a fourth season. Deadline Hollywood reports that the upcoming season will bump up to 13 episodes—instead of the show’s usual 10—which will give the Union Pacific cowboys working on the Transcontinental Railroad three extra hours to realize that trains are a bit old-fashioned and that everyone should be driving cars by now.

Also worth noting from that Deadline report: AMC has yet to decide what it wants to do with Low Winter Sun, the good-cop-doing-bad-cop-things drama starring Mark Strong, which you might remember from the times you had to sit through it to see scenes from upcoming episodes of Breaking Bad.


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