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America's Got Talent opens auditions to YouTube, where the talent is

Do you have something approximating “talent,” such as singing, dancing, or rapping while also being unusually young or old? In years past, you would have had to stand in line with the rest of your city’s extroverts and endure the dispiriting march of a cattle call, just to get David Hasselhoff to stop talking about himself long enough to pass judgment on you. But for the first time ever, this year’s hopefuls for America’s Got Talent can audition over YouTube. Producers for the show will select 40 acts from all videos received at this page and then put them up for online voting; the act that receives the most votes will appear on the Talent stage, alongside 11 hand-picked others. (“Those crazy YouTube kids," an executive producer actually mused aloud at a press conference, and not as the introduction to some satirical aside.) Anyway, if you’ve got talent and a video camera and a desire to prove it to Howie Mandel for some reason—who takes over for Hasselhoff this summer—then here’s your chance.


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