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Americana duo The Civil Wars cancels all upcoming dates for ironic reason

The two members of Americana duo The Civil Wars are now engaged in a war with each other that has, ironically, left the band divided against itself. The group has canceled all of its upcoming dates, saying that “due to internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition,” it’s “unable to continue as a touring entity at this time.” While the band promises new material in 2013, a lot of fans are wondering if this is the end of an act that only just released its very successful debut, Barton Hollow, last year.

While the band hasn’t elaborated at all on those future plans, it has said that it will reimburse anyone who paid to travel to any of its now-canceled upcoming shows—an offer that really goes above and beyond. Thwarted concertgoers need only send scans of their ticket receipts to info@thecivilwars.com, and the band will do its best to kick some money back.

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