Yeah, we've heard it before: Hollywood is out of ideas. That's probably just as well. Bloody Disgusting got a hot tip that John Landis (director of the "Thriller" video—there's your MJ angle!) has sold the rights to his classic horror (horror/comedy?) An American Werewolf In London to Dimension Films, home of the Scary Movie, Sin City, and Scream franchises, among many others. (Who's Your Caddy? Yeah, that was them.)

In more promising remake news (the glass is half full, dammit!), Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, will be at the helm for the American version of Let The Right One In, the excellent, creepy Swedish vampire movie. (Hat tip to the L.A. Times.) Early word is that it will be set in Colorado and be titled Let Me In, which takes it even further from the Morrissey song that inspired the novel's name, "Let The Right One Slip In." (True story, people.)