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American Vandal's Emmy campaign keeps its eyes planted firmly on the dicks

Photo: American Vandal (Netflix)

Netflix’s American Vandal was one of the most refreshingly smart shows of the last year, a surprisingly emotional parody of our true crime obsessions, pitched through the lens of two teen documentarians investigating the case for, and against, a dopey high school prankster accused of committing a massive, expensive act of vandalism. It also featured a lot of dicks.

Dicks with ball hairs, dicks without, dicks receiving handjobs, dicks attached to Pat Fucking Micklewaite. Dicks, as it were, in abundance. That juxtaposition—between the show’s legitimately fascinating examination of social media, celebrity, and the truth, and its equally hilarious obsession with the human penis—is the focus of its new For Your Consideration ads, with producers Funny Or Die kindly asking voters: Won’t they please think of the dicks?


It’s a charmingly self-aware presentation of the series’ various appeals, and its recognition both that we are, in the end, the things society tells us that we are, and also that “dick” is a funny word.

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