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American Sniper made to shoot bullets of love in American Cupid

In the land of the rom-com, where two opposites somehow come together to find love, who’s pulling the strings? Some would say “craven and emotionally manipulative filmmakers,” but the true hero may just be the classic god of attraction and affection. Who will tell Cupid’s story? More importantly, how can it be punched up to be more exciting for today’s action-craving audiences?

Luckily the answer has come in the form of American Cupid, a fake trailer made by Boo Ya Pictures. In it, Bradley Cooper goes behind the sniper scope again, but this time targets various will they-won’t they couples from beloved romantic comedies. Recutting American Sniper footage in between classic couples meeting cute is a nice juxtaposition that leads to a surprisingly compelling through line as Cooper begins to pair up some unexpected couples from other films. Bonus: There’s no sign of that creepy rubber baby anywhere in this trailer.

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