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American Pie movies are somehow still a thing in the year 2020

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The teen sex comedy’s evolved significantly over the past few decades thanks fo films like Booksmart and Blockers, and that can make it pretty difficult to stomach some of the things that passed for “jokes” in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s. Objectification of women, blatant homophobia, and outright sexual assault were often played for laughs, including in American Pie, the hit 1999 comedy that spawned a whole slew of unwanted sequels and spinoffs. In their latest video, the YouTube’s Cult Popture takes a look back at the teen sex comedy genre and asks how in the hell it’s possible that a new American Pie sequel is scheduled to be released in the year 2020.

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules (apostrophe placement up for debate) is, of course, not an entry in the main American Pie series, but is rather part of the straight-to-DVD “Presents” franchise. Still, given that the last entry in this series was released over a decade ago and massive cultural shifts such as the #MeToo movement have occurred in those intervening years, it seems insane that anyone would attempt to produce a lewd teen sex comedy in a franchise that has always appealed to the basest desires of teen boys.


Then again, maybe this is American Pie’s chance to turn over a new leaf. Maybe Girls’ Rules will be the female-centric entry in this dessert-humping franchise we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe it will be like Booksmart but, you know, dumb. To find out for sure, we’ll just have to wait until the film is released and magically appears on discounted DVD racks in truck stop convenience stores across the country.

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