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American Ninja Warrior renewed for another season of strength, agility, silly costumes

Photo: NBC / Getty Images

American Ninja Warrior, the show that allows the average American to vicariously experience the athletic rewards of a lifetime of discipline and hard work while simultaneously shoving handfuls of Cheetos into their mouths, has been renewed for another season. This will be the show’s sixth season on NBC and its ninth on Esquire, where it debuted back in 2009 back when the channel was still called G4. American Ninja Warrior is currently enjoying its highest-rated season to date, with competitors like stuntwoman Jessie Graf and a guy in a T-Rex suit carrying on the show’s tradition of alternating inspiring feats of strength and agility with watching people in silly costumes fall down.

It’s been a winning formula thus far, and will likely to continue to attract eyeballs, if its Japanese forebear is any indication: Sasuke, the series that was adapted into American Ninja Warrior, is currently in its 31st season on Tokyo Broadcasting System. Now, let’s watch that T. Rex video again, because it’s hilarious.

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