American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance producer Nigel Lythgoe is creating a new singing competition show for The CW, continuing his altruistic mission to ensure no amateur performer goes without enabling or exploitation. Although it’s still in the early planning stages, the series would set out to find “the next big family singing group”—a strange choice of words, considering one show insider openly acknowledges to TV Guide that there hasn’t really been such a thing as a “big family singing group” since the days of The Partridge Family, and they weren’t even a real family. There are still The Osmonds, we suppose, but even they have mostly dissolved due to solo careers and that time Marie ate two of the weaker kids.

Nevertheless, the show would definitely fulfill CW president Mark Pedowitz’s stated goal at the TCAs to have his very own singing competition to compete with all the other singing competitions, one that would skew towards the network’s ideal audience of young girls and the Pedowitzes who love them. And on the bright side, it would also go a long way toward exhausting every possible permutation of these kinds of shows, unless someone comes up with a way to incorporate ventriloquism or maybe Tuvan throat singing. [via THR]